Test Porsche 996 Fuel Trims: Durametric or Foxwell NT530 or Snap-On Scanners

Car model: Porsche 996


Purpose: look at fuel trims etc


Reviews on Porsche 996 diagnostic cable & software:

Durametric reviews:

-> Durametric is a windows based application. That means you could run it on a Windows tablet – it doesn’t have to be just a laptop.

-> You have to be lucky to find one used for a decent price. Usually they go for $200 – $250 (US) with one or two Vin’s left (the enthusiast model can be used with 3 vin’s).

The pro version is unlimited VINs. Both of them hold their value very well, unless you use up the last VIN on the enthusiast version.


-> I got lucky and fund a un-used Durametric for $200. shipped to me. The PO found that he needed a full rebuild before using it.


foxwell nt530 reviews:

-> Someone questioned: foxwell nt530 likely does not offer nearly the level of data that the Durametric software provides. Is that correct?
My answer is: Depends on what your foxwell can do. The biggest advantage to a diagnostic tool like this is bidirectional controls. You won’t see this feature in any scanner under ~$450, if that.


->  The NT530 did show internal position of door microswitches and Dura doesn’t, so Foxwell does have some good features it just wasn’t yet fully developed.


Blue Driver for $99 reviews:

If you want something that can do fuel trims, 02 sensor voltages, etc., but doesn’t have bidirectional controls I would recommend Blue Driver for $99.


Snap-On scanners reviews: 

I occasionally see used Snap-On scanners that can do bi-directional for under $450.
The advantage to a Snap-On scanner is it will work for a lot of vehicles and not just Porsche.
I only use my Durametric for over-rev information.
Everything else is quicker and easier to grab my Snap-On scanner.
Although the Snap-on Scanner I use now can’t be found used for under $800.
But I have an old Snap-on scanner that is worth about $350 that can do it, just a little slower and only up to 2014 vehicles.
The new one can do up to 2018.
But most cars I work on are 1990 – 2011.


Disadvantage: Hard pass on a used Snap On unit. If you ever get a new car, the cost to update will be more than a new Autel Maxisys Mini. Besides, the new updates make older units slloowwww.


Your point of view?




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Test Porsche 996 Fuel Trims: Durametric or Foxwell NT530 or Snap-On Scanners