Foxwell NT510 scanner compare with Schwaben BMW / VAG scan tool

What is the difference between your Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner and the Schwaben by Foxwell 014020SCH01A? The Schwaben unit costs an extra $20-$40 and is a different color, is there anything else?


Both are 100% the same, they have same functionalities. I will explain… Foxwell is the maker of the software and producer of the tool. So, Schwaben and ECS gets their support from Foxwell.


1. ECS will not support the specific software, they will support the tool if there is a problem with it during the warranty period or with shipping. Foxwell is the Support Group for the software and application.

2. Foxwell NT510 is the orange and black color, Schwaben is the black and grey color.

Here foxwell NT510 from (FYI, when you order Foxwell NT510, the seller will ship you Foxwell NT520 instead)

NEW! Foxwell NT510 update free lifetime


Here Schwaben VAG scan tool and BMW/MINI scan tool, $199.95schwaben vag schwaben bmw


3.  Foxwell NT510 comes default with no software but you can download one car brand for free online, and it also support to add up to 5 car brands as you like if you purchase the software. Schwaben BMW/mini  only has the software for BMW and Schwaben VAG Professional Scan Tool only has the software for VAG.

PS: There are increasing number of BMW users need Foxwell, so the supplier is available with Foxwell NT520 with BMW preinstalled.

Click here for Foxwell NT510 scanner ok and fail review on BMW and Mini models

Here a real user’s experience with Foxwell NT510 scanner, hope it helps.

I bought the identical scan tool Foxwell NT510 at but at a better price than at ECS. Don’t get me wrong I support them but I get my support directly from Foxwell. Best tool ever, IT CAN do everything. Found my “SES” light was from a dirty solenoid. Cleaned it (not replaced) and it fixed the problem….that right there saved me $140. Damn near paid for itself on the first day.

It is pretty reliable and easier to use than a PC based system. I carry mine in my car and you just plug it up and start checking systems out.


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