Reviews on Foxwell BT100 12V Battery Tester

Foxwell BT100 12V battery tester is a quick, easy and affordable tool to check battery health and faults. Here are some reviews about BT100 from customers.

Reviews on Foxwell BT100 12V Battery Tester

Customer A

As there were some issues with my car, I wanted to know if it was linked to the battery or not. The BT100 tester helped me to ascertain that there was nothing wrong with the battery on my car and it was a much bigger electronically issue. It was easy to use.

If you are familiar with jumper cables as it’s the same concept. It’s also OK if you don’t know because of the direction is easy to follow. Just connect the cords as you would jumper cables, which powers up the tester.

I think even the mechanic will choose this battery tester. All I can say is that this device is definitely works well on ascertaining issues with battery itself. It’s friendly and easy to use. Thank you for listening my honest and unbiased review.
Customer B:

So far I have good experience with this tester. It appears to be well made and the display is large and easy to read. Navigation of the different test is very easy.
I really recommend this to everyone. It saves you money and when used with your specific car repair manual you can be your own mechanic and do it yourself.
Customer C

I doubt that there are some issues on my Toyota Sienna’s battery. Foxwell BT100 helps me indeed prove my doubt. I did have to go through the manual step-by-step, so it isn’t a simple clip to terminal and push a button, as I had to know information about my car battery I wouldn’t even begin to guess at. Fortunately, as pointed out in the manual, the battery characteristics were indeed printed right on the battery face.

Thanks for you feedback!!!

Best regards!

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Reviews on Foxwell BT100 12V Battery Tester