Reset Porsche 996 airbag light, Foxwell nt530 or Durametric?

Car model and year: Porsche 996


Purpose: Reset airbag light

I was taking out the seats for some nice Recaros and at one point did not have the seat belts connector set and bang… airbag light is now on.



  1. I have a Foxwell nt530. It comes with an OBDII reader and it you get a free single brand (Porsche) with it (you download and install it). It can also be upgraded to support additional brands. It is not limited to a number of vehicles or VINs. It definitely reads and resets modules, such as the airbag module, and is useful for diagnostics. I can’t compare with the Durametric.I’ve had cables on other cars (VagCom for VW/Audi) that let you recode modules and do some very detailed diagnostic monitoring of sensors. The Fowell doesn’t do any of that kind of detailed stuff. Then again, it was $169…


I don’t have any vested interest in the outcome, but you might want to see what you can do with a $169 handheld foxwell NT530 Porsche unit versus the more expensive Durametric as compared to your needs. That NT530 is a lot of bang for the buck.


Reset Porsche 996 airbag light, Foxwell nt530 or Durametric?


  1. Durametric is your best buy for what you are looking for. You don’t need the pro version to reset the airbag light. However, now you have the seat belt receptacle triggered light. Did you reconnect the factory seatbelts? If so, enthusiast version will reset the light. If you are now using aftermarket harnesses, without connecting factory receptacle, you will need to code out the seat belt connection. The enthusiast version will not allow coding. I thought I was buying a tool that could do these functions. Durametric doesn’t believe an enthusiast is capable of handling the power of their full version, so they neuter it. Much to my dismay..


Professional Durametric cannot code seat belt receptacles.

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Reset Porsche 996 airbag light, Foxwell nt530 or Durametric?