Read Me: Foxwell devices upcoming updates

  1. Is developing Vehicle Coverage Query System to replace the Function List in PDF format.

With this Service System, the user can select the car make, model and year, then have the result if foxwell tool can support your car or not. Meanwhile, the Foxwell Company Engineer will instant upload the newest and full testable car information for your query.


  1. For the 2019 Foxwell tools including. NT650Elite , Foxwell NT530, NT630Plus,NT680 Lite, NT680, NT680 Pro, foxwell GT60, foxwell GT60 Plus etc.

Foxwell engineering is sorting out the function list (testable vehicle info + specific capabilities), i.e Foxwell NT530 Function List will soon be available.


  1. The 3rd one point is 2019 Foxwell tools information has been already put in a new official site:, this site is available with tool’s details, user manual, online update service, function list, video, news etc.

Meanwhile, the old official site is running too for the other devices update.

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Read Me: Foxwell devices upcoming updates