Porsche 997 rear spoiler coding by Foxwell NT530: confirmed

Car model and year: Porsche 997 2004 – 2012


Device: Foxwell NT530 code scanner

Porsche 911 Airbag Light Reset Using Foxwell Nt530 01

Porsche 911 Airbag Light Reset Using Foxwell Nt530 04

Test reports:

  1. Disable the rear spoiler lift

I have the Foxwell NT 520 with the Porsche specific software. I believe the latest version of the software will do all the things you mention and lots more..although I bought mine last year to disable the rear spoiler lift which it easily achieved. Others will need to confirm the other functionality.


Once I disabled the lift I could no longer manually lift the spoiler via the switch. Similarly once you have enabled the lift you should be able to lift the spoiler via the switch. It will of course only lift automatically at speed.


  1. Coding rear spoiler

Used for coding our rear spoiler. The coding seems to work well and fault message clearing.


  1. Has been updated with known issues or bugs

Done some heavy reading and the Foxwell is a really good system with good reviews! , as the NT520 has been replaced with the NT530 the Porsche software has also been updated with known issues or bugs and does much more than the earlier versions.. i managed to purchase a new one for £100 free shipping also, and soon as it arrives its when i have to download the Porsche specific software to the device…

The icarsoft, looks good with the screen but the processing speed is slow and lags, dont have patience for that!. .


  1. On other cars…

I haven’t used it much for the Porsche (thankfully not had cause), but have used it on other cars. It was great on my Volvo XC90. Had an issue that could have been caused by several different things. The Foxwell was able to interrogate the Volvo software and show which component had failed. The saving from that alone paid for the Foxwell…


To be upgrading…



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