Porsche 996 Turbo check engine light on reset tool review

I was on a drive yesterday a Porsche 996 Turbo when the check engine light came on and realized it would be handy to have a way to identify how serious of an issue it is without driving all the way to the dealership. Is only Durametric the way to go? What about other brands with entry level scanners such as Launch/Foxwell/iCarsoft?



Ended up purchasing a Foxwell NT530. Allegedly it’s programmed for Porsche so should minimize the need for googling codes and has the ability to pull DME.


Here are more test reports:

I have a Durametric, Foxwell NT530 (with Porsche software), iCarsoft V2.0 (with Porsche software), and a clone PIWIS II.


For 95% of what I need a scanner for, the NT510 is what I grab.


The Durametric does more, but booting up my windows laptop, connecting cables, etc. just to read a code is a PITA. It is also glitchy on my 991 (eg: says it does a service reset, but doesn’t actually do a service reset).


The PIWIS is the gold standard, but all the hassle of a durametric plus mega-cumbersome software and you kind of have to run it in a virtual machine… I usually spend more time getting drivers, cables, software all set up and connected in the right order than actually reading a code.


The iCarsoft is very much like the Foxwell NT530, with a slightly better interface, but with slightly less functionality.


Hence my recommendation Foxwell NT530 for Porsche scanner.

Porsche 996 Turbo check engine light on reset tool review


I do recommend loading the latest updates for Foxwell NT530 when you first get your scanner. Which of course also requires booting up a Windows system, creating an account on their site, and downloading their update tool (FoxAssist) and the latest updates. But at least you can just do it once and likely never bother with windows again, or at least not bother for a year or two…


Probably not strictly necessary for the 996 platform due to its age, but I think worth doing.

Foxwell NT530 is the latest version numbers from Foxwell, you can perhaps look and see what versions are on the one you receive without downloading all the tools to see if they are current? At least the Porsche file?


Foxwell NT530 or NT510 elite? Foxwell NT530 is a slightly newer version, keypad layout is different, but I think the functionality is the same as long as both have the Porsche software.


Foxwell NT530 hasn’t let me down. The great thing about it is you can add other makes for $60 with lifetime updates. If you have numerous different manufacturers in your stable like I do, it makes a lot of sense vs buying a durametic-like device for each make.


It has given me manufacturer’s codes that a generic OBD did not read, including breaking down 1200 miles from home at 8PM. My scaugauge didn’t read any codes, but the Foxwell with manufacturer specific add on did. Two hours later I had the part installed from Oreilly, that incident alone paid for the scanner, I thought I was going to have to take it to a shop. On the Turbo, it helped pinpoint the exact problem with an issue I had last year too.


I’ve data-logged a few parameters before (eg: misfires) and just used the tool, but I bet you can download it through the usb cable or memory card to a laptop, not sure what format. If you don’t already know about it, https://datazap.me/ is a good online tool for viewing CSV car data…


Alright, hope it helps!


Got one Foxwell NT530 Porsche Scanner only $169 here: https://www.foxwelltool.com/wholesale/foxwell-nt530-porsche-all-system-scanner.html

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Porsche 996 Turbo check engine light on reset tool review