Looking for a BMW Transmission reset tool, Foxwell NT510

Mr. Joe email to Sales@FOXWELLtool.com:
I am looking for a diagnostic tool for my 2003 BMW 745i. I want to reset my transmission at a minimum.  Can your Foxwell NT414 or Foxwell NT510 reset it? If not which of your tools can? I am using for personal diagnosis so looking for an inexpensive solution.

Emilia replied to Mr. Joe:
Foxwell NT510 is recommended to do reset BMW Transmission on 2003 BMW 745i, you could have a look at NT510 function list for the BMW

Foxwell NT510 for sale, $155:


Finally Mr. Joe ordered one Foxwell NT510 and foxwelltool.com arrange shipment by DHL asap.

How to use NT510 BMW application?
Someone may feedback, they ordered an NT510 BMW application and paid $155.00 and foxwelltool sent them a blank NT510 for check engine light only.

Actually, you need to download BMW software for free on the foxwell official site www.foxwelltech.com. detail instructions.

Here some pictures on Foxwell NT510 BMW test result sent back by Mr. Joe:

bmw R53 with foxwell nt510-01

foxwell nt510 diagnose bmw e46-05

foxwell nt510 diagnose bmw e46-06


Thanks for Mr. Joe order and good luck to him. Hope everything goes well for him.


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