Looking for 2003 BMW Prius with an i3-Rex OBD reader

What is my purpose?

Looking at replacing a 2003 Prius with an i3-Rex

Looking for 2003 BMW Prius with an i3-Rex OBD reader

What I am looking for?

  • OBD reader with i3 codes – the standard OBD PIDs do not know how to query the Prius battery controller and transmission. Is there a recommended OBD controller that reads all of the i3-Rex metrics?
  • Shop manual – before I got my 03 Prius OBD scanner, I was instrumenting the car using the shop manual schematics and what I had in my ‘junk box.’

Where to get Shop manual?

The i3 is our first car for which I have not been able to purchase a shop manual. A shop manual on CD was available even for our former Mitsubishi i-MiEV although it was quite expensive.

It appears that BMW doesn’t want its owners to dirty their dainty hands instead wanting us to pay BMW dealers handsomely to take care of any problem. Fortunately, all i3’s remain under warranty, so repair costs haven’t been an issue to date. But we tend to keep our cars way past the end of their warranties, and I like to be able to understand and maybe even repair any problem that our cars have had or maybe install some accessories that could be made easier with a shop manual. Maybe BMW will eventually release an i3 shop manual, but I’m not very optimistic.

Where to get i3 OBD reader?

www.foxwelltool.com sells a house-branded version of the Foxwell NT-510 scanner. It comes with a code to load one brand specific extensions to its generic OBD II reader. Free updates for 18-months after you first register the device, then, they cost. Additional brands can be purchased up to a total of 5 different brands for a retail of about $70 ea.
BMW updates their manuals all electronically so the dealers don’t have a printed copy either – they must use their computer to view things, which ensures they always have the latest information.

As for BMW updates, so no user option to rent subscriber access?

Subscribing to the BMW technical information site, 30 days for $250

I cracked the windshield. My BMW i3-REx is ‘in the spa’ while the dealer completes repairs. I sure hope they get it done today as I really like that little puppy.

Meanwhile, I’m rolling around in our 2010 Prius and <sigh> I’ve so done that!

The only outstanding Prius request is to benchmark “D” and “B” on one of my driving loops. It is summer so I have to do it between 2-7 AM to get anything close to Standard Day temps. I’m only a little curious to quantify the effect. I know the results but not the value of how bad “B” will be(*).

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Looking for 2003 BMW Prius with an i3-Rex OBD reader