Interested in Foxwell NT510 scanner for BMW?

Question: My Belle is no longer under warranty, I am interested in coding and other diagnostics.


Do you think buying a Foxwell NT510 scanner is an interesting investment for diagnosis, maintenance (raz) and activation of certain functions?

It is currently being sold for € 147.25 on the Foxwell website.



Yes Foxwell NT510 is a professional diagnostic tool scanning all electronic systems.

It seems to have all the basic functions like reading the various error codes as well as maintenance ras but would also be capable of more advanced functions like actuation, adaptation and programming.

Here is the link


The price includes a single vehicle brand as well as the language, chosen to order.


Foxwell NT510 Test report on BMW:

BMW X3 and 2009 BMW z4 and 2002 F250 XLT.Can found 2 failed due to bad plugs for 2006 BMW X3, can diagnose and find bad HAL sensors stop the roof of Retract for 2009 BMW z4, can see all the relevant data, clean warnings, etc. For 2002 F250 XLT.

Get my abs bled, which he worked perfectly, by the way, then slam at work and no time. Really worth the money.

Foxwell NT510 scanner OK and Fail review on BMW & Mini models:

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Interested in Foxwell NT510 scanner for BMW?