How to use Foxwell NT510 to register BMW Battery?

Step-by-step procedure on how to use How to use Foxwell NT510 to register BMW Battery.


Firstly, let’s have a look what BMW battery registration succeed using Foxwell NT510:

– Can register a battery on an BMW E90 328i

– BMW and mini cooper battery registrations and coding – OK

– 08-2011 BMW M3’s code a new battery – OK

– 2008 BMW 135i code injectors and new battery – OK

– BMW E60 M5 register a battery -OK

– 2008 BMW E93 register a battery -OK

– 2009 BMW 335i (American) do battery registration – OK

– BMW E90 328Oi do battery registration – OK




Step 1: Replace BMW Battery

Better stick with an AGM (Advanced Glass Mat) battery instead of switching to lead acid batteries if the stock was AGM battery.

Step 2: Register a new battery

Locate the on board diagnostic (OBD – 2) port under the dashboard near your brake pedal. Plug your BMW Foxwell NT510 scan tool into this port.

Turn the key to option II but don’t not start engine. If you have a Push Start button press it a couple of times. Don’t press the brake pedal when you press the start button. All the dashboard lights should turn on.


Register the new BMW battery using NT510:

  1. Connect your Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner to the OBD2 port under the dashboard.

2.Turn the ignition on, the key to position II. Do not start your car.


  1. Choose BMW. Scan for VIN. It will automatically look up the VIN number. Once VIN is found press OK.


  1. Scroll down to the Body menu 4.


  1. Scroll down to Power Supply (Battery) and press Enter.


  1. Select option 2 for Battery registration.




  • Do not unplug the scanner during the battery registration process
  • Do not turn off the ignition during the battery programming.
  • You don’t need to run option 2 and 3 if your replacement battery has the same specs as the old battery. Just new battery registration is all you need to complete.

A word, registering a battery is super easy. It gives you the option to say that you upgraded the Ah rating as well if you are having trouble finding an OEM spec battery.



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