How To Fix 04 Toyota 4Runner 4.7l Alternator Issues?

Car model and year: 04 Toyota 4Runner 4.7l


Issue: have alternator issues



I went on a business trip for a week, got back home went to crank it and the famous click click click. Battery was under warranty took it to napa they tested it said it was just low they charged it and i brought it back installed and got her running. Here is where I think I have a problem, I let it run for about 15 minutes to warm up it was rather warm here in South Carolina over the weekend. I had to go to my shed and get something so I turned it off. when I returned I cranked it back up and now when it cranks if the tack gets below 1000 rpms the engine shuts off. After a couple of times of doing this not wanting to kill the battery it still does this when cranking and giving it gas, it will run but when I take my foot off the pedal it dies.


Optional method:

Option 1:

I’d start with Foxwell BT715 battery analyzer from:

How To Fix 04 Toyota 4Runner 4.7l Alternator Issues?


Foxwell BT715 will tell you that the alternator is “good” (or bad) and what the charging rate is, as well as if the battery is “good” (or bad).


Option 2:

If you can get the truck to most any auto part store they can test it for you for free. That way you don’t have to buy that tool unless you want to. Just get it started, and drive over to a store, keep it running and they should be able to do a load test on the battery and charging system. Its not 100 percent accurate but its pretty good.



For the option 2 method, it was my first thought but when I go to put it into gear it shuts off…..


Option 3:

Use a meter… measure at battery while engine idles, you should have ~ 14VDC. If only 12VDC or lower, the alternator is not working properly.


Option 4:

I’m guessing it could possibly be something going on with the throttle body, in older models vehicles the TPS…Throttle Position Sensor is a separate/replaceable part attached to the throttle body and if bad can do what your’s is doing plus other issues, but on the 4th Gens 4Runners the TPS is integrated into the throttle body and can’t be replaced.

I have never had to test one but you can Google search “Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Position Sensor” , which may help you get started on how to test the sensor to see if it’s bad, you may have to do more research to be able to actually test it properly, such as the values mentioned to know if it’s within the correct range and the type of sensor it is.


Option 5:

I suspect a bad battery coupled with bad NAPA testing, it is possible. I have had batteries heat up and the plates touch. So If possible check voltage, find a ground inside the car, ground one side of the meter and CAREFULLY test the cigarette lighter voltage, I believe it is straight battery juice. Be careful not to short out the probe, protect it with tape if you have to.


Please try any of the above methods according to your actual situation.


Good luck!

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How To Fix 04 Toyota 4Runner 4.7l Alternator Issues?