How does Foxwell NT650 reset Porsche Cayenne ABS /SRS light?

Porsche Cayenne has Airbag light on, I will use Foxwell NT650 to see what’s going wrong with the airbag light on and try to reset it, the job is done perfectly. Next is to perform Steering Angle sensor (SAS) Calibration” with Foxwell NT650

Select “ABS /SRS”.





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For this one, it only gives “Manual selection”. So we have:

Cayenne (9PA up to MY 2010)

Cayenne (92A from MY 2011)

Boxster (987)

Cayma/ Boxster (986)

Boxster /Cayman (981)

Cayman (987)

911 (997)

911 (996) 


The first one “ Cayenne (9PA up to MY 2010)” is what I need.

Diagnosis -> Control units -> Airbag ->Mode Menu.

We are going to read codes, let’s see what’s wrong with it, that’s two codes:

1316: PSM control module

2511: AWS control module

We are going to go back and select “Control Units”, and then “PSM”, and if we can check this code as well, and get “DTC : 778 Steering angle sensor”

Next is perform “Steering Angle sensor (SAS) Calibration” with Foxwell NT650.

Choose the vehicle


Go to “Porsche”.

Cayenne (Up to 2010)

Switch on ignition.

Steering Angle Sensor calibration “Info, Important, Safety note”

Calibration Succeed.


Finally, the ABS and SRS light go away.

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