Foxwell Tool Q&A

Q:Will the Foxwell NT510 identify fault codes for ABS, ESP BAS and ESP warning lights on a 2009 Chrysler 300c?

A:Yes,NT510 support it.


Q:Can the Foxwell NT520 support the 2015 BMW M3 (F80)?

A:Yes,it can.


Q:Does Foxwell NT650 do DPF regerations or just reset the DPF light?

A:NT650 can do DPF regerations,can’t reset the DPF light.


Q:I have Foxwell NT520 ,will I be able to “reset” or “relearn” the TPMS system when rotating tires? The models are 2017 Chevy Sonic and a 2018 Dodge Ram。

A:Only supports cars produced before 2017.


Q:Does the NT520 Pro support the 2004 Porsche Turbo 996 engine light diagnostics, erase, reset service, maintenance?

A:Yes ,support.

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Foxwell Tool Q&A