How to register and update Foxwell NT650 service reset tool?

How to register and update Foxwell NT650 service reset tool and OBD2 code scanner in step by step procedure, incl. words & images as well as YouTube video.


Part 1: Register Foxwell NT650

Plug the USB cable into the Foxwell NT650 and another end to the computer.

The machine turn on and have menu options (OBDII and 12 types of service reset functions).


Choose “Application /setup”, then “About”, you can check the machine serial number, take a picture of it.


Unplug the USB cable, take off the SD card, plug the SD card into the card reader.

Plug the card reader into the computer.

Browse the

Click on “Product“, then “Foxwell NT650“, then “Download”, then install “Foxscanner Installer“.


Begin to install ” Foxscanner Installer” until it finishes.


Open Foxscanner 8.71 and then register until it prompts registration is done, don’t forget to confirm your email address in your email.

Part 2: Update Foxwell NT650.

Login Foxscanner 8.71 with your name and password.

Get message “No serial number associated with the user“, then choose “Register Products”, then input the Serial Number” and password, summit and get message “Serial Numbers registered successfully“.


Back to “My updates” and you can see the available updates.

You can choose all models or one simple model to update.

Youtube video:

how to Register and Update Foxwell NT650 service reset tool & OBD2 code reader.


That’s all.


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