Foxwell NT650 BMW ABS SRS light reset guide and reviews

Got one Foxwell NT650 to reset BMW ABS /SRS light on, record battery replacement and more reviews. Here we go for procedure on how about with it. 

It’s super easy, plug the device into the OBD2 port of BMW 2006.

And you have to turn on the ignition next.

This scanner NT650 will automatically light on.

You can see all its functions when it boots on, we have OBDII, ABS/ SRS, BRT, CVT, DPF, EPB, Gear Learn, Injector, Odometer, Oil reset etc.

Ok, you can see the air bag light is on and doesn’t go away.

There is a problem, that’s here ” Pass restraint system”.

So, we’ll go ahead to see if NT650 can scan and if we need to move the passenger seat is another job.

I’m go ahead to select ABS/SRS.

We’re going to diagnose BMW, so it’s under “Europe”.

Next is BMW.

Automatic selection & Manual selection.

Automatic selection is going to read the VIN number and which model we have.

Establishing vehicle communications, it’s very quickly only take several seconds.

We are going to “Control Units”.

Go to “Body”, the airbag reset is under it.

And we need to go to “Read codes”.

So, we go back to select “Erase codes”.

Ok, the airbag light is gone.

Start the car and the airbag light doesn’t flash again.

OK, go back to “BRT”.

Choose “BMW”, we have 3 series BMW, E91;

If you want to do the first selection “Record battery replacement instructions”, everything is here.

Go back for the 2nd selection “Execute record of battery replacement”, and the 2nd selection “Record battery replacement“.


Let’s back to select “ABS/SRS” – “Europe” – “BMW” – “Chassis” and you will have the following selections.

Select the 1st option “1. ABS /ASC/BSC Dynamic Stability Control”.


You can do “Active test”, and “Pump motor”.



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