Foxwell NT644 users pay extra $120 to have all EPB+ Oil+ DPF+TPSTBA+BRT

This post is writing to all the Foxwell NT644 users especially who are customers.


If you want your Foxwell NT644 (Oil light/ service reset, and EPB only) to add more functions including battery configuration, DPF regeneration, TPS/TBA (Throttle Body alignment), Bi-directional control tests, now pay extra $120usd for the Software Authorization Service for Foxwell NT644 Upgrade to NT644 pro


After paid, provide the serial number of NT644, and the engineer will authorize the special functions on our server. Don’t you think it is cheap and easy to operate?


Next is to enjoy all the Foxwell NT644 pro compatibilities.

In table:

nt644 pro functions and vehicle coverage foxwell nt644 vs nt644 pro

In text:

Foxwell NT644 capacities and vehicle coverage:

Supports Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) features on approx 30 makes (see above)

Supports Oil Service Reset functions on approx 40 makes (see above)

Supports DPF functions on approx 35 makes (see above)

Supports Battery Configuration functions on approx 8 makes (see above)

Supports Steering Angle Sensor functions on approx 40 makes

Supports Throttle Position Sensor functions on approx 30 makes


In picture:

nt644 pro

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