FOXWELL NT644 tests ok to reset the service light on VW/Audi up 2010, Fiat 500 and Evoque

Car model:

2010 onwards VW/Audi vehicles, Fiat 500, Land Rover


My Intend/Purpose:

Reset the service lights for 2010 onwards VW/Audi vehicles and Fiat 500.

I try to stick to servicing, tires, brakes and the odd minor repair. I don’t get involved in reading live data stuff because, quite frankly.

I was just looking for something smaller, more modern, with EPB functions and with the ability to reset more service lights.


Where did I buy from?

I’ve just ordered the Foxwell NT644, paid $499 for 4 working days delivery from a trusted authorized foxwell dealer Paid on PayPal too in case there’s any problems. Oh, and they guarantee that it does the service lights for 2010 onwards VW/Audi vehicles.


It can read and clear fault code on the wife’s Evoque (verified ok):

Tried it out on the wife’s Evoque it showed up two faults when checking all the various systems – gear change module and drivers seat module. Haven’t noticed anything wrong with them so cleared the faults, took it for a quick spin and rechecked them, still all clear so probably something stored from before we bought it. The Evoque still has 21 months of manufacturers guarantee left so if any faults return, back it’ll go!



That shows I can at least access the various modules. Don’t worry about codes on Land Rovers, any slight over or under voltage will trigger codes in all the modules. That’ll be why the Landrover Assistance tech didn’t notice them a month or so ago when I called them out to look at the keyless entry playing up. That time it needed a new Keyless Vehicle Module replacing under warranty. Tech needed a dedicated computer and then he had to phone the results and readings through to a higher level tech to get advice. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of old school cars – adjustable brakes, CB points, idle speed and c.o. mixture, ign timing, valve clearances, clutch free-play, steering boxes, wheel bearings and fan belts. Simpler days, gone forever.


I can’t agree any more, Been looking at getting another Rover SD1 as a project (have had 5 of these things) and fitting a Holley on a V8 so no fuel injection to worry about. Got my eye on a 2.3 auto so that would make an ideal starter for what I want.

The TVR is mega complicated now with all the changes and I don’t have the software to look at it myself. And I really do not like paying mechanics to work on my car…….

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