Foxwell NT644 review what can work and can’t work

Include Foxwell NT644 reviews on what can work and can’t work.


  1. Success list…

Have an Autel MS906TS. I find scan tools interesting, and I love to own and use them. The Chinese brands give so much value for money (Autel, Launch, Foxwell). Among Chinese made scanners, I know least about Foxwell. But so far yours seems like the best compact scanner out there for a DIY. And even live data graphing, wow. I’m really curious about the GT80 Mini more than the Plus version. That’s their newest scanner with Win10Pro. The Plus has Win8.1Pro and I don’t think it’s wireless like the Mini. And last I wanna say, dont buy Launch Diagun IV, I did as it is a compact Android based scanner. The newest model from Launch. But it is more expensive and with a lot less live data functions that the Foxwell NT644 Pro.

-I bought an nt644 last week and I am really happy with it. I bought it as its able to register new batteries as needed in newer bmws etc and also the park brake reset as more and more cars have them

Live data in the Foxwell NT644 Pro scan tools are great. Every bit of information are sometimes greatly useful.


It is actually a great tool, I’m a user of this tool from past couple of months.


– it has TPS settings

The difference between TPS settings and throlle body adjustment or alignment: when you replace to send to you have to calibrate it the Foxwell will allow you to calibrate it so the car knows where it is and what it is doing


– has throttle relearn on some cars, worked a threat on the misses mk4 golf.


– Can do SRS reading

– Been very impressed with every Foxwell tool I’ve used, for the money and for what it can do no complaints my end.

– it does do graphs.


  1. Failure List…

– it has no bi directional controls on its

– has no coding and programming capabilities

Service: Foxwell NT644 update to Foxwell NT644 pro to perform all of



To be continued…

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Foxwell NT644 review what can work and can't work