Foxwell NT644 Pro Test Reports Success and Failure

Foxwell NT644 Pro Test Reports Success list and Failure list.

Foxwell NT644 Pro Test Reports Success list:

  1. NT644 will access all systems that the NT624 will.

Allow the users to look into and SRS system on a 2013 Honda crv.


  1. 2007 Toyota Highlander and 2009 Lexus RX350.

Bidirectional capability to bleed my ABS…confirmed

brake system. Read transmission fluid temperature…confirmed


  1. battery register …confirmed

car battery configuration…confirmed


  1. BMW F chassis diagnosis … confirmed


  1. able to register new batteries as needed in newer bmws etc and also the park brake reset as more and more cars have them.


  1. has TPS settings


  1. has throttle relearn on some cars, worked a threat on the misses mk4 golf.


  1. does SRS reading


  1. does graphs


  1. Can diagnose OBD1 systems with OBDI to OBDII connector (i.e 1991 BMW E36).


  1. 2007 Aston Martin vantage… Confirmed


  1. reset throttle body sensor…Confirmed


  1. reset or calibrate steering sensor on Fords


  1. If any check engine light comes on, NT644 will read it without having to live mode.


  1. reset the oil light, as well as read and clear error codes from most systems on the vehicle… confirmed


  1. diagnose the Engine Control Unit, traction control, transmission, entertainment, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, navigation, and the stability control systems.


  1. View live data with NT644 Pro. The Diesel Particulate Filter and battery configuration features are other unique features


  1. offers live graphing, useful for mechanics.


  1. lifelong free update.



Foxwell NT644 Pro Test Reports Failure list:


  1. No ABS bleeding functions.


  1. CAN NOT reprogram keys


To be continued…


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