Foxwell NT644 pro EPB, Oil, DPF, TBA/TPS, BRT All-system All-make Scanner

Good news!!!
If you want your Foxwell NT644 (with EPB and Oil service reset functions) to have more special function like DPF, TBA/TPS, and battery configuration etc, pay extra $110 on Software Authorization Service for Foxwell NT644 Upgrade to NT644 pro.

Foxwell NT644 Vs Foxwell NT644 pro
Foxwell NT644: $395 free shipping, EPB and Oil service reset function on all makes

nt644 function

Foxwell NT644 pro $505 free shipping:  EPB, Oil service reset, DPF, TBA/TPS, and battery configuration on all makes

This picture is Foxwell NT644 pro functions and workable coverage:

nt644 pro functions and vehicle coverage

Foxwell NT644 pro covers all systems incl. engine, AT/CVT, ABS/VDC, airbag, tcs, IVMS, BCM

nt644 pro system menu

For more, here Foxwell NT644 pro user manual

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Here complete table on: How to choose the right Foxwell tool for your need

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