Foxwell NT630 + NT644: covers all cars works ABS SRS EPB Oil reset DPF TPS

Hope this post helps to those who want a tool cover all vehicles and works onĀ  ABS SRS EPB Oil reset DPF TPS at a lowest price.

Question: I would like to more about the NT644 automaster pro full system. What all on a vehicle does it diagnose and does it calibrates, resets the battery upon replacement and aligns? I notice there are several NT644 models and each one does not do the same.

NT644 will do the full system diagnose and the special function EPB and Oil reset. It cann’t support battery reset and others.

I checked with engineer if you would like to pay additional 200 USD, it can be updated to the NT644 pro which will do more function like DPF/TPS etc.

But you want as much as function, only NT510 and the Foxwell GT80 series will do.
Is it true the NT 510 will only work on BMW and not any Asian, American, nor other European vehicles?

Answer: No, the NT510 will also work on other vehicles, but only carry one car brand for free.
And you can add up to 5 car brand at most into the NT510.
You can have a look at this link and check the vehicles it supported.

If you want to do more cars with as much function, we recommend the Foxwell NT630+ Foxwell NT644 combination, we can offer you some discount.
But we are not 100 % sure it will support all cars with all function.

Thanks. Will you please send me a link to the NT630+NT644 scan tool? And how much is the tool
Here is the link of NT630 and NT644
Foxwell NT630
Foxwell NT644

For Foxwell NT630, we can offer you 155USD, and NT644 370USD, plus shipping is about 30USD, total is about 555USD

foxwell-nt-630-abs-reset-tool-8 foxwell-automaster-nt644-2

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