Foxwell NT630 Elite 2002 Jeep Liberty ABS Bleeding Review

I emailed asking for a low priced scanner that has the ABS Bleeding feature for use on my 2002 Liberty and this is the one that I was recommended.


Customer Service was good. They had me do a Software update. And I was able to activate & Bleed the ABS system on my 2002 Liberty.

This innovative NT630 Elite ABS and Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Function does not only have extensive coverage of vehicles but also provides accurate and professional diagnosis of ABS and airbag faults.

It has an 8MB Ultra Micro SDHC card to store data & upgrade software. You’ll need an Ultra Micro SDHC card reader to connect to your laptop for software updates. It also has a USB cable to access the Ultra Micro SD card.

*I was finally able to Bleed my ABS unit!
*Ultra Micro SDHC card for storage.
*USB connection for PC.
*8MB Ultra Micro SDHC included.
*It has a Graft feature for sensor readouts.
*Its says they support every car.
*Customer support was very prompt to help.
*Nice Low Price $120.
*Nice hard plastic carry case.

*It didn’t have a JEEP category. I was instructed to use the CHRYSLER
category then select “2004 and below”
*It has many Chrysler features that are not part of the Jeep tests and if you
select them the unit either takes a long time to tell you its not supported or
it locks up (or I didn’t wait long enough for the message).
*Software update took about an hour.

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Foxwell NT630 Elite 2002 Jeep Liberty ABS Bleeding Review