Service: Foxwell NT624 Upgrade to NT644 pro

Considering an increasing number of customers inquiry whether their Foxwell NT624 can upgrade to NT644 Pro or not, I swear to all of you here: Yes, no problem, no matter where did you buy NT624 from, you could come to and update all the functions/vehicles of NT644 PRO .

Visit: Foxwell NT624 update to NT644 PRO

Pros: Provide after-sale service, no need to ship back Nt624, easy to operate online.


***If you think it is not worthy to update, you could order a new one NT644 pro.

Foxwell NT644 PRO update in 2019 year:
1). Update improvement: connect Foxwell NT644 Pro to the computer to update instead of taking out TF Card to update via the update tool.

2). Add a “Pause” button for data stream reading, so that you can read, scan, save and cancel the data stream.

3). Add some shortcuts on the machine screen.

4). Add buzzer so that you can here the tone after pressing the button.

5) More than 10 special functions(EPB/ABS/SRS/DPF/SAS/TMPS/Injector/SAS/Oil Reset+TBA/TPS+BRT)

6) Has OBD diagnostic functions.

7) New Foxwell NT644 PRO works with the vehicles before 2000 year by connecting the OBD1 connector:



8) Brand new NT644 pro outlook:



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