Foxwell NT624 scanner review: GOOD for Jaguar any type/ any system

I want something that will read all problem codes of any Jaguar type/ any system and will also clear them. It appears AutoEnginuity has that functionality with the Jaguar OE option for around $500 US. It also appears that it’s stand alone (doesn’t require subscription or updates) so for my 2005 Super V8, it appears to be a single one time expense. Is this correct?

1. Experience with AutoEnginuity on Jaguar:
I do have the AutoEnginuity and the enhanced modules for GM, Ford and Nissan and it does retrieve and clear the manufacturer specific codes. It can also execute selected commands, such as, for example, bleeding your ABS system among other things. I recently acquired the Jaguar enhanced module and tried to put it to good use by resetting the Transmission Control Module (TCM) adaptation and it failed. Even though is is a command that should be supported, I got a response that the command could not be processed on my vehicle (2004 XJR)

Now, once you buy it you are set. If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest there is a yearly subscription you can purchase. If you don’t, you can keep using the same version.

The autoenginuity will read and clear most if not all codes, but it will not do everything like setting the ride height or setting steering angle sensor.

2. Foxwell NT624 scanner review: GOOD for Jaguar any type/ any system
I bought one of the Foxwell NT624 off and I must say that I am impressed. We own 3 British cars and it was able to access everything in all 3. I drive a 2006XJR, and the NT624 has accessed every module in it – the one that I had problems with was the Navigation module. AutoEnginuity was not able to access it. It does real good with our 2006 Range Rover and Disco. The seller has quite a few videos in the listing, one of which has the Jaguar XJ demo. What I found surprising is that the NT624 also covers Maserati and Bentley – which none of the multi-maker scanner have.

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