Foxwell NT530 Range Rover L322 2003 suspension heights setting successfully

Car model and year: Range Rover L322 2003



Suspension was down by a couple of inches front D/S so initially bought an adjustable link arm to the height sensor which cured the problem.

Realized I could reset the suspension heights so the ‘boy’ in me said ‘push the big red button’ it went to fully extended and blew a rear air bag ! Replaced that , cleared the suspension inactive and had another go, front airbag split due to poor condition so replaced them all, now sat in manual height settings with inactive but darn’t reset to try again !


Foxwell NT530 is used to reset the suspension.

Offsetting the front heights dramatically against the rears and it’s been much closer ! I discovered the higher the input height, the lower the suspension ended up , I’m tempted to set to off-road height (820 mm) the foxwell NT530 tool measures from the bottom of the rim to wheel arch, the standard height should be around 767 on the front, I’ve also discovered the battery isn’t that great and reads approx 11.5 v during calibration, which I understand is probably not helping the process ! New battery nxt week and I’ll keep checking this thread ( no notifications) cheers again this they are two different cars, the theory remains the same.


Good to know:

JLR used a factory setting so it calibrates by you measuring your height and the scanner doing the math to add or subtract your value to get to the correct figure.


That’s a lot to ask from an aftermarket scanner that is cloning the data and trying to act like a factory tool. The result in my Jag was to run the front bags all the way up to max height and deflate the rears! The fronts were new at the time, probably the only reason it didn’t blow up like yours!




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Foxwell NT530 Range Rover L322 2003 suspension heights setting successfully