Foxwell NT530 NT520 Porsche 997 (2004 -2012) reviews good & bad

If you wanna know whether Foxwell NT530 scanner (NT520 upgrade version) can be used for resetting, Airbag, oil service, rear tailgate spoiler disabling etc. Please go on reading.

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  1. Foxwell NT520: disable the rear spoiler lift

Have just purchased the Foxwell NT520 PRO and downloaded the Porsche specific ap, and can confirm that I successfully disabled the active rear spoiler on my 997.2 (having previously installed the Flying Ducktail). Decided the lifted flying ducktail looked a bit extreme, although I didn’t notice any adverse handling in the lifted position.

Haven’t tried any other coding yet but this device saved a trip to the dealer to disable the rear spoiler lifting with PIWIS and on that basis alone paid for highly recommended.


  1. Foxwell NT520: coding our rear spoiler

I also have the Foxwell NT520, also used for coding our rear spoiler. The coding seems to work well and fault message clearing.


  1. Love foxwell NT530 for its easy-to-use, cheap, quick

I actually have the PIWIS Porsche OEM software on Laptop and have an image copy on USB for the Panasonic CF30 Laptop but i need the hardware for it which is the Samtec HSX OBDII wiring etc. Decided to also have a small handheld device for the most common faults etc…

Done some heavy reading and the Foxwell is a really good system with good reviews! , as the NT520 has been replaced with the NT530 the Porsche software has also been updated with known issues or bugs and does much more than the earlier versions.. I managed to purchase a new one NT530 for $169 free shipping also, and soon as it arrives its when I have to download the porsche specific software to the device…

The icarsoft, looks good with the screen but the processing speed is slow and lags, don’t have patience for that!. .

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  1. foxwell NT520 on Porsche 997.1S

I bought the Foxwell to get rid of the seatbelt chime and I was able to code those other things. The $170 was worth it to me to turn the chime off. The faster you drive the louder the chime for those out there who wear your seatbelts before you drive off.

So far this is what I have done to my 997.1S:
1). I turned off my seatbelt chime for both front seats
2). I made my horn honk when I arm my car alarm
3). I can roll up and roll down my windows from my key fob
4). I changed my side corner lights to turn signals
, I believe this is how your cars come. I live in America.


To be upgrading…

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