Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 review on BMW E90 E92 E60 E90 etc.

Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 help troubleshoot BMW E90 328i 2007, 2009 BMW M3 E92, 2008 535i e60, 2008 E90 M3, 128i etc. For your information: Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 has the same BMW E series coverage and functions.


  1. Have one BMW E90 328i 2007, and I was baffled for months with the “steering angle calibration required” fault. I used my Foxwell NT530 scanner to calibrate, and as soon as I turned steering to either side, bang, DCS light comes to dash. I ordered bmw sensor kit and replaced, and same ending. Replaced a speed sensor which was also faulty, and no change. So I took apart the steering wiper stalk to check the disk again. This time I was looking at the electronics board and I saw that a small sector of solder embedded in the board had lifted and cut off. I got a small piece of insulated wire an soldered to both ends of that “track”.
    Put everything back together, erased codes, and BAMMMM, no more DSC lights, turning lights turn off after turning now, DTC button works, and cruise control works!!

Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 review on BMW E90 E92 E60 E90 etc.


  1. 2. alignment and calibrated the sensor on 2009 BMW M3 E92: Done

Have 2009 BMW M3 E92, I had my DCT and yellow brake light come on as well as my turning signals weren’t turning off my themselves after the turn about 3-4 month ago.


What I did:

I didn’t mess with the board just cleaned the disk and the sensor with alcohol 91%. Put everything back together upon start up turned the wheel all the way to the left then right and deleted my codes with mhd app.

However my turning lights were still working properly after lights came back on.

The lights went away…for about 5 hours and they came back . However my turning lights were still working properly after lights came back on.

I then saw where one of the guys did alignment and calibrated the sensor. I went to the shop and did both of those things and it’s not all gone. No lights no problem car is back to normal .


  1. 2008 535i e60: One more success
    The steering wheel and some of the inside were different than the pictures, but you saved my bacon. Just bought this car at an action. Had the Christmas lights as described. Clean the wheel with 70% worked great.

Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 review on BMW E90 E92 E60 E90 etc.


  1. One more success 2008 E90 M3

Replaced the front control arms and bushings on my M3, and also the alternator a week or so back. When I got her back together- got the code for the steering sensor, and all the associated lights….

Cleaned the sensor as described using 70% iso alchohol, some q-tips and a lint free microfiber cloth, reset the error codes in inpa, performed the calibration, and now everything is working perfectly.


  1. One more success story

It works. Dang it, I was skeptical of the soldering step but with nothing to loose, I tried putting the soldering iron where the last step described. And dang it, it worked!

I already tried disassembling the disk and cleaning it up with isopropyl alcohol, and cleaning the sensor. Assembled all back but got the codes. Bought a Foxwell NT520 Pro scanner and read the live data. It was definitely the steering sensor, since the angle reading changed when the steering wheel was moved slightly in any direction but once more steering angle was created the value increased rapidly and froze. So there I gave up and started thinking of getting a new unit.

Today, with time to spare, I decided to give it one last try and go through all the steps. I took my 20 year old soldering iron from retirement and used it on the solder joints it mentioned (Sensor, IR LED, Ribbon Cable terminals). One thing: I did notice one of the ribbon cables had some of its contacts with a dull shine (dirty). I cleaned them just in case. And I cleaned the disk one more time and made sure its surface was clean (used a light check for stains on the surface). Assembled everything back, got my scanner and read the live data of the steering sensor. This time it was returning values as I turned the wheel to either side! It was working! Re-calibrated the steering sensor and the 3 codes disappeared. After months of putting it off, my car is code-free again.


  1. Disassembled my 128i last night and inspected the optical disc and sensor. Thought it would be worth noting that mine was 100% clean as a whistle inside and had no visible damage. I reassembled and recalibrated with my foxwell nt510 scanner and bam! Everything works again, I suspect it may be a connector or cable or something, perhaps it just needed to be unplugged and plugged back in before it would recalibrate. In the end not totally sure what I did but it worked! Dirty optical discs may not be the whole issue for everyone.


To be continued…

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Foxwell nt530 nt520 nt510 review on BMW E90 E92 E60 E90 etc.