Foxwell NT530 is best DIY scanner for Benz W163

Have one lovely Benz W163, looking for DIY scanner, which one do you have an trust? Optional DIY scanners? Foxwell NT530 Benz scanner with 38pin adapter is the top choice.

Review 1:

Foxwell NT530 pro with 38 pin adapter works on my E320 and ML’s.


Review 2.

Foxwell works with one car line unless you purchase additional car line @ $60. It does have some bidirectional capability like component test and activation.


Review 3.

The Foxwel does a full range of vehicles as does the Autel.


Review 4.

Someone asked: why do some say it still needs a ’38’ pin adapter for w210 ?

Because 16 pin OBDII connector gives you access to 1 module out of 24.


Review 5.

Yes, the Foxwell NT530 with 38pin adapter worked like a charm, I recall reading about.


Review 6.

I have the NT530 and it works pretty well. Worked really well for the 163 but haven’t used it much on the 166 as I use a snap on scanner on that.


Review 7.

that is the case neither Autel or Foxwell will read transmission live data in my ’99 ML320 or ’00 E320. Both read live data in my ’03 ML350. It appears that anything that requires old HHT or HHT-WIN is out of reach of those scanners.


Review 8.

Mine had it preloaded with MB, Smart & Maybach.

So, I’ve pulled codes and am now organizing it all – I’ll shoot a YouTube video / upload & start a new thread on my particular ML’s ‘Limp Mode’ due to ABS Sensor Mis-read Snafu.

In terms of this scanner, I will cover some in the video, or interact here if others wish.

Basically, its nice & hefty looks rugged.

Has all the connectors for OBD2 Port & my particular Foxwell NT530 had the 38 pin connector for w210 & nice protective case.

The ‘Quick Start’ guide was a bit clunky to follow – but I got thru. Don’t be in a rush…..

I DO like that its able to do ‘Smart VIN detection’ on the w163.
Would NOT do it on the w210 !
The only reason I am frustrated is that to enter numbers onto this device WILL require reading glasses & a Tutorial on ‘how to enter characters’ using their silly interface.

For this reason alone, I would encourage others to consider the nicer Foxwell units that have a keyboard interface – I think the Tablet models that are $250+ have it – not sure just be warned.

I would liken this challenge to Texting on an old school Flip Phone – it CAN be done but is a HASSLE.

Now, if you don’t have to add digits (for VIN entry or to provide a ‘Save As’ file name, then the unit is fine & dandy – – so I expect I will ‘get over’ this hump eventually.

I’m always budget sensitive but if you have more $$$, get the Keyboard Style unit, you will be glad of it.

The Quick Scan Feature rapidly located the problem Faults and made it easy to pinpoint the Trouble Codes.

This unit really shows the same info as my Ancient Dell Laptop (windows 98) that runs CarSoftMB but this is MUCH faster to hook up, read & zero in on the issue.

Faster to clear codes too !

PS: my Dell Laptop running this MBCarSoft was given me by a generous member Rodney G. (Rudney hereabouts) and I’m glad to pass on to any member who is near enough to East Texas to grab it.


Credits to @David in East Texas


Good to know:

Older ML’s or W210 are best picked up using manual selection. Entering VIN is painful indeed.
Even MB SDS will not read VIN directly. You need to select manually. Passenger cars, E-Class, W210 from 07/97, sedan/wagon. After that VIN pops up magically.



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Foxwell NT530 is best DIY scanner for Benz W163