Does Foxwell NT530 Crossfire Coupe SKREEM programming works?

Experience from the customer about Foxwell NT530 program Chrysler Crossfire Coupe SKREEM.

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Reviewing the Foxwell NT530 Chrysler scanner functions list it mirrors what I see in the DRBIII or Starscan. We don’t have confirmation it works, but on line 8306 in the list I found the SKREEM module service replacement function. It even shows the convertible top functions.


Here foxwell nt530 scanner is on 169usd (with the Chrysler program option):

and $249usd on Amazon

Same model the lower price is a September sale from a Foxwell authorized Chinese supplier.

I couldn’t resist, I purchased one at that price selecting the Chrysler option. I also have a Charger and Jeep which is on the list. Used Paypal which adds a level of security and buyer protection. Free shipping and no tax. I have bought from Chinese suppliers directly before with no issue.



So I received the Foxwell NT530 scanner yesterday. It took four days from ordering it to receiving it. It came in a typical product display box wrapped in a plastic bag. The box was a little squashed, but the scanner inside was in its carrying case and appeared fine. My time to play with it was limited to a few minutes as I had an after work birthday party to go to. I hooked it up to one of the Crossfires and found only the standard OBDII functions were seen on the scanner screen. I specifically ordered the Chrysler program. This morning I realized there are special EOBD function buttons which I expect the E is for enhanced function. I will try those tonight.



I followed through and downloaded the Foxwell client program, created a user account, and then updated the scanner with the Chrysler program. I tested the scanner selecting the “Chrysler” program on my 06 Crossfire and I could not get it to read the ECU’s. I would select one and then wait minutes without it returning any information. I was concerned maybe it did not update correctly, so I then tested it on my Dodge Charger and found it worked with that. I was able to read ECU details, specific sensors, and run tests like opening windows and turning on lights. I spent enough time on the scanner for today. As I’ve mentioned before, the DRBIII is for 2004 to 2006 Crossfires, and the Starscan is for 2007 and 2008. I will try this new scanner on the 07 tomorrow. I will also try it on my wife’s Jeep Renegade.



I tried selecting 2008 Crossfire (NAFTA) and could get some functions to work on the scanner. Maybe on the weekend I can put together a list with what works and what does not.

On the 06 coupe I could read the tire pressure sensors last sensor reading. There was also an option to learn the sensors which I will absolutely be trying. I know that is a big deal requirement for many. There was an option to connect to the dashboard and HVAC ECU’s, but that did not work on either the 06 or 07. I could read a lot of drive train related sensors. There were other menu options that did not work. It’s looking better but I couldn’t recommend it yet until I get a longer list of what functions work or not for everyone.



I only purchased the Chrysler program. A second brand was $60.
I also own the iCarsoft Auto M900 V2.0 Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Scan Tool. It works with the Crossfire, but I was expecting more comparing it to the DRBIII and Starscan. I’m impressed with a few areas with the Foxwell like the convertible top readings which certainly would help those with tops not working. I’m going to trigger an air bag fault to see if it will clear it, and as mentioned above will test the tire sensor relearn procedure.


Regarding the tpms sensors,. if they are aftermarket you need to use the drb to start the learn process then use a tire pressure sensor reading tool to read the sensor. reading the sensor with the tool activates the aftermarket sensor just like applying the magnet does to the stock sensor. so use the drb3, start the learn process and read the l/f sensor with the aftermarket tire pressure sensor read tool, the drb will beep and say go to the p/f tire, repeat the process for the remaining 3 tires.


One function important to many is the tire pressure reset procedure. I tested that function on my 06 coupe and it did not work. Nothing wrong with the sensors as the reset worked using the DRBIII. It may work with 07-08 Crossfires as they have some scanner communication differences, but my 07 does not have tire pressure sensors to test.


Credits to @ Toolman.


Good luck!

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Does Foxwell NT530 Crossfire Coupe SKREEM programming works?