Foxwell NT530 BMW EMF Parking Brake (EPB) Function List

Foxwell nt530 is confirmed to perform BMW EMF Parking brake (EPB) capability for the following models.


Z Series    Z4_E89     Chassis

7Series     E65  Chassis

X Series    X5_E70     Chassis

X Series    X6_E71     Chassis

Z Series    Z4_E89     Chassis

5 Series    F07   Chassis

6 Series    F12/F13    Chassis

X Series    X3_F25     Chassis

2Series     F22   Chassis

6Series     F06   Chassis

X Series    X6_F16     Chassis

5Series     F10/F11    Chassis

5Series     F18   Chassis

7 Series    F01/F02/F04 Chassis

X Series    X3_F25     Chassis

X Series    X6_E72     Chassis

3 Series    F34   Chassis

4 Series    F32/F33    Chassis

I Series     I01/I12     Chassis

X Series    X5_F15     Chassis

3 Series    F80   Chassis

4 Series    F82/F83    Chassis

X Series    X4_F26     Chassis

X Series    X5_F85     Chassis

XSeries     X6_F16     Chassis

X Series    X6_F86     Chassis

2 Series    F23   Chassis

2 Series    F45   Chassis

2 Series    F46   Chassis

2 Series    F87   Chassis

4 Series    F36   Chassis


For more BMW car models that can be performed EMF Parking brake (EPB) (i.e BMW 520d 2018 G31), please expect May, 2020 update.

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Foxwell NT530 BMW EMF Parking Brake (EPB) Function List