Foxwell NT520 /NT510 BMW scanner failure that you have to know

Foxwell NT520 /NT510, a 200USD hand-held BMW diagnostic and service reset tool, has no much coding and programming capabilities.  This post list its failure here, hope it helps.


Q:Foxwell support is no help. ECS is no help. Q&A and forums no help so far.

I cannot figure out what menus to go through on my schwaben for BMW.

I have a new Footwell Module/Headlight Check Control Module and I need to be able to program it to the vehicle’s odometer/VIN.

Could someone please walk me through this?

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This is all I can get from the owner’s manual.

5.4 Coding and Programming NT510 allows for the coding and programing of a replacement control module or changing previously stored incorrect coding. Coding also known as Teach-in Program or Component Adaptation. It is the process of selecting and activating one program for a specific vehicle from a set of programs that the factory installed in the control module. This allows one control module to be used for different models, countries, and emission applications. Programming is the process of taking a blank control module and then adding the correct vehicle program to memory.


A: The Foxwell/ Schwaben scan tool will not program and a new FRM module or a new headlight.

You will need software like Ista D & Ista P to do that level of programming etc.


  1. Experience with Foxwell NT520 Battery reg/coding:

I’ve tried both the Foxwell NT 520 and the Icarsoft BMM V2.0 on my E90 to register a new battery. Both devices will register the battery as new, but neither has the option to change the amp hour value or type (AGM to Lead Acid) I have a 100 amp lead acid installed and the readout shows I have a 90ah AGM which must have come with the car.


Actually, Foxwell NT520 can do what you paid. here some examples:

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Foxwell NT520 /NT510 BMW scanner failure that you have to know