Foxwell NT520 Land Rover 03 Disco 2 Power Bleeding good feedback

This might be fantasy (or a false-positive result), but I just had my first playdate with a the new Foxwell NT520 Pro, and the results were awesome! I’ve got an ’03 Disco 2. I replaced the shuttle valve about a year ago. That got rid of the first round of the 3 Amigos. Then the seal on my master brake cylinder failed one night with a complete loss of fluid. I replaced that, and all the brake lines and discs and pads. Bled the heck out of it, but never got a really good feel back into the brake pedal. Then the 3 Amigos started showing up again. Every once in a while. Typically would clear themselves at the next restart. But about a month ago, they came on and stayed on. Suspecting I might need an ABS bleed, I shopped for a good scanner. Passed on the iLand from Atlantic British because I also wanted a scanner to expand to my other cars (got a V12 MB that needs my attention, next). In my case I went into the ABS/Special Function drop down and clicked on Modulator Bleed. Had to go through the course (of five bleeds) twice, but then the Three Amigos were GONE! Drove around for an hour. They still haven’t shown back up. Between that ability, and the NT520 being able to “Clear All Adaptations”, the $179 cost is looking like money well spent.


There is also a “Power Bleed” option. That sounds like I’ll need a partner pushing the brake pedal while I open bleed screws.

NOTE: On that Modulator Bleed … Keep going through the course of bleeding all four wheels 5 times, with the brake pedal fully engaged, until that rather alarming grinding sound is only heard/felt for a fraction of a second at each wheel.


Professional advice:

Usually there are two bleeds, the internal ABS bleed then the wheel bleed. Using the Foxwell NT520 scanner you can do the wheel bleed by yourself. The ABS bleed is done from the driver seat.


Finally, I find the source of problem:

Yes! They call that the Power Bleed. You turn the pump on and off (with the scanner) while opening the bleed screws at each wheel. It gives you the cadence and number of times to repeat for each wheel.

What is the mechanism that makes that “air compressor” type sound when you active the pump? Definitely didn’t know my D2 could make that noise (and it’s made plenty).

Just did the Power Bleed. Brakes are working great. I’d say about a 35% improvement in “feel” and pressure required to stop.

As for the Three Amigos … I must sheepishly admit the cause was probably that the brake fluid reservoir was just a wee bit too full. Lowered it a bit during the bleed. The Three Amigos now seem to be visiting elsewhere.

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Foxwell NT520 Land Rover 03 Disco 2 Power Bleeding good feedback