Foxwell NT520 BMW register battery replacement in DME/DDE successfully

Foxwell NT520 BMW scanner can perform register battery replacement in DME/DDE successfully, here we go for simple procedure.



You are suggested to buy Foxwell NT520 with Pre-installed BMW Software, which you don’t need to register a member in the official site and then download BMW software.

It also supports adding up to 5 car brands software in total.

NT520 Software Authorization



Choose “Service”.


Choose “Body”.


Choose “Power supply (Battery)”.


Establishing vehicle communications.


Choose “Battery”.


Choose “Register battery replacement”.


Establishing vehicle communications.


Selection 1-3


Select F2

The battery replacement is entered in the DME /DDE in the next test step. The engine does not have to be running and terminal 15 on.

Attention the entry cannot be canceled.

Currently registered battery capacity in the DME /DDE 90 Ah AGM

[1] Enter battery replacement same capacity.


Is the newly installed battery an original BMW component?

Press [No].



The battery replacement is entered in the engine electronics (DME or DDE).


The battery replacement was registered successfully in the DME/DDE.


Press “F1” and receive message “Service function finished”.



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