Foxwell NT510 turn off abs light & trac light on Toyota 4runner (how to)

Mr.mike email to
I have a 2001 Toyota 4runner, with an abs light and all trac light on. My cheap scan tool wont read it.
Which one foxwell scanner do you sell that will work for me. I would be glad to but it as long as it will work for my application.
Thank you mike

Emilia replied to Mr. Joe:
Foxwell NT510 Toyota is highly recommended to work on 2001 Toyota 4runner and turn off the abs light & all trac light on.
Here a detailed Foxwell NT510 Toyota function list.

Foxwell NT510 for sale, $155:

(Very important) How to useĀ  Foxwell NT510 Toyota application?
Since NT510 is customized, therefore after it reached at you, it is blank without Toyota software for check engine light only.

Next, you need to download BMW software on, it won’t charge you anymore.
here detailed instructions on how to download Toyota software to NT510

foxwell nt510 toyota

The reason you went for Foxwell NT510 instead of a Techstream or other toyota scanner is so that when I change my car in future, all I need to do is buy the software for my next car instead of buying a brand new diagnostic kit.

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