Foxwell NT510 Scanner for Ford Brand beginners Questions and Answers

Here 5 questions about Foxwell NT510 Scanner Ford Brand specific the beginners asked. And the last paragraph is the experienced users’ answers. Hope it helps if you are unfamiliar with Foxwell NT510 Scanner.


1) Does Foxwell NT510 show live engine parameter data while the engine is running – things like Fuel Trim, Engine Temp, O2 Sensor Voltage, etc? If so, does it show just numbers, or will it graph them?

2) Will Foxwell NT510 reset the fuel trim adaptations? (I may have that term slightly wrong.)

3) Do I understand correctly that you can buy other manufacturer’s modules – common ones like Toyota or Ford, for example?

4) Will Foxwell NT510 read basic OBDII codes on any OBDII car?

5) Does it have ways to test, say, the TMAP sensor? I know it reads the code that is thrown, but does it have some active way of testing the response, resistance, or other characteristic of the sensors in order to pinpoint a bad one? (I have a P0171 error which means system lean, could be any of several things.)


Answer from real users:

  1. Yes – all that. It can graph them.
  2. I believe so. I know that I have reset adaptations but I think it will do what you need.
  3. Yes – NT510 scanner with one free car brand, you could pay additional $70 for each car brand, Toyota and Ford are included, besides BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Land Rover, OPEL and VAG are all OK.
  4. Yes – I’ve used it on my father’s Ford. It can also do basic OBD type codes.
  5. I don’t know what a PMAP sensor is but if it reports data over the CAN bus I’d say you have a good chance of getting at that data. Specific tests are another matter – I doubt it. You’re probably going to have to look up what “normal” is for the component and compare that to your car.



I think it does show auto trans temp but I don’t remember.


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Foxwell NT510 Scanner for Ford Brand beginners Questions and Answers