Foxwell NT520 Porsche scanner review: almost same as durametric pro

Foxwell NT520 Porsche OBD2 scanner, offers remarkable functionality for the price and most of the functions the durametric pro offers. The only feature lacking currently is the service reset but im told they are scheduling an update for that.

I made this video review of some of the major functions with Porsche software.Please note im no actor but just wanted to explain some of the functions

Image source:, thanks bhvrdr.

Also Porsche 997 ABS system diagnosis with foxwell NT510.

Besides, Foxwell NT520 helps get rid of the seatbelt chime on Porsche 997, as well as

successfully disabled the active rear spoiler on my 997.2 (having previously installed the Flying Ducktail). Decided the lifted flying ducktail looked a bit extreme, although I didn’t notice any adverse handling in the lifted position.

this Foxwell NT520 saved a trip to the dealer to disable the rear spoiler lifting with PIWIS and on that basis alone paid for itself..


Questions and answers arosed after watching this video:

Question: Does it permit reprogramming of the passenger side window function?

Did you order a Porsche specific scanner , then go to the Foxwell website?

It’s listed for $179 on Amazon. Where did you purchase.

Thanks in advance for all the info…


Answer: i got mine direct from foxwell on sale for $159 and it came with one free car software. You can load several manufacturers on there if u have several cars.

You can code a ton of comfort convenience functions. Let me know which one and ill check. You can clear airbags as well.


Question: Does this show overrevs (range 1 – 6)?

What about ECU operating hours and POSIP (airbag) operating hours?

Answer: Yup its in the video

coding modules

overrev reports

live data streaming and recording

abs pump cycling

clearing modules

etc, etc



I was wrong on the comment about Durametric being able to fit the passenger window auto up issue. I confused the Durametric programming that you and others have posted about with Mods4Cars “RemoteKey” device:

Answer: the nt510 does most of the functions of remotekey. The windows on my 9971 have 1 press auto down for the passenger side and one press auto up only after the windows halfway up. I notice even on the remote key description it says that some cars will only be able to do 1 press auto up after their halfway up as well. I have a feeling its the exact same as on my car. You can activate all the comfort functions from the remote key fobs and you can mess with the alarm horn chime etc etc



Fact: Foxwell NT510 Porsche scanner is replaced by Foxwell NT520.

And more and more users have NT520 pro and prove it works fine.


Feedback yes……

I purchased the Foxwell NT520 and it can read codes and clear codes as well as reset service light. I also have the pro Durametric cable and the NT520 reads the same codes. I recently updated the NT520 software to read my son’s MB ML350 for only $60. Easy to do and came in handy reading a check engine light on the Benz. For the money and the convenience the NT520 is a good buy. The Durametric allows me to run and record engine diagnostics.



Feedback No……

I just did the last software update (JUN of 2018) to my NT510 and it will not reset my service interval on the 997.1 much less the 997.2. On the positive side it did re-calibrate my steering wheel sensor after I just installed a 991.2 paddle shifting wheel.



Just downloaded the latest nt510 update and the rear control module can now be programmed. Thats awesome.



If you are interested in Foxwell NT520 pro you can read the above thread. If you already have one Foxwell NT520 pro and have good or bad test reports, you can also share with others in the above thread.


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