Foxwell NT510 Landrover Disco2 review on what can do and can’t do

Foxwell NT510 is interesting for less than $150. Bellow are Foxwell NT510 Landrover Disco2 reviews on what can do and can’t do


What Foxwell NT510 can do:

read/clear all codes

activate all systems (yes, ABS, ACE, etc.)

read and program a new EKA code for your driver-side lock+key

program remote fob keys (well, maybe)

Change the VIN of your Disco2 recorded in your various ecus such as transmission, BCU, ECM, etc.

Clear all “adaptive” values such as your long term fuel values (extremely useful if you have changed any emissions components including O2’s, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc.).


Successfully turn off the 3 amigos as well as bleed modulate the ABS pump. I just had 2 new calipers put on and all new rotors and we bled the brakes the old school way and since then I have had the 3 amigos , first few times I could clear them by restarting the car but then finally the ABS just stopped working altogether and the lights stayed on.

This Foxwell NT510 scanner was a little tough for me to install the Land Rover specific files on to but that is mostly due to me being a mac user and had to use an old Windows laptop of that was my wife’s to get it completed. The struggle was worth it !


Does ABS bleeds and Power Bleeds on Discovery II. Amazing to be able to bleed the lines without a helper!


Land Rover Discovery 2 2001 (L318) 2.5 TD5…OK


When you buy the foxwell NT510 scanner it comes with a vehicle specific scanner module that you download, additional cars cost about $70. My scanner download handles all of the Jaguar and Landrover models. It can read generic codes from a vehicle and it can clear generic codes from a vehicle but without the manufacturer specific module download it is difficult to to precise error identification and troubleshooting. It does allows me to activate the Wabco modulator to bleed the ABS and do a power bleed. It has a live data menu that allows you to select and plot data on the screen as you drive. I used it for instance to monitor my SVS fault to indicate whether or not the SVS switches are being detected when I depress the brake. Great unit. The one issue I have with it is that I cant seem to pull the scanner code #s, the scanner just provides a fault title to the code read so not like it pulls a P1150 code. It might but I have not figured out how to do that yet.


What Foxwell NT510 can’t do for Disco2’s:

I can’t get the NT510 to show oil pressure


It can’t program most BCU options, so you can’t turn on Daytime Running Lights (DRL) but it can read and tell you if that option is activated, for example.


Same for disabling all alarm functions programmatically, e.g. turning off SuperLock or telling your Disco2 that it doesn’t have an alarm (even if it does), or vice-versa. Can’t do it.


Same again for telling your Disco that it now has a remote key fob (remember I said “maybe” above?!).


Likewise, it won’t program your BCU to activate your front heated windshield if you have installed all of the components onto a Disco that didn’t have a heated front windscreen as a factory original option.



Foxwell NT510 is worth for it costs.

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Foxwell NT510 Landrover Disco2 review on what can do and can't do