Foxwell NT510 fails to update to BMW software (Solved)

This post starts with Foxwell NT510 issue that I didn’t have the update to my BMW software, then followed by the solution offered by site. Hope it helps.

I wish it was that easy.  I can’t check the box or any of the boxes because it won’t let me.  It’s all greyed out and won’t allow me to check the the BMW box.

This is what I am seeing.

bmw software

Tutorial / suggestion:

It seems that you have come to the final step. BMW software is on the top of the list.

Maybe you can try the following step from where you stopped the picture above shows.

1.Click the check box(es) in front of the software you wish to update and then click the Update button to download.

2.When Update button is clicked, it begins to download. And you can check the Current Status. If the Current Status shows Downloading, please do not close the update application. Please do not close Foxscanner until it shows Update Done.

3.Please click Software Management to review all the updated software.

You can see pictures attached start from 9

bmw update-01

bmw update-02 bmw update-03 

 I tried with no luck.

I got serial number not exist prompt as below.

serial number not exist

Then engineer asked me downloaded a Teamviewer on my PC first, and then they help me download the software online.

Finally, not sure what they did, but everything worked as it should, they are the best.

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