Foxwell NT510 Elite Porsche Scanner Reviews + Function List

This article is available with Foxwell NT510 Elite Porsche Scanner Reviews (yes and no) and function list.


Good Review 1:

Successfully reset the oil change light and brake light for 17′ Macan S and Cayenne.
Going through the functions, I found that it only supports basic functions, but enough for regular maintenance.
But for not so successful 18′ 911 GTS, a 992 model. It didn’t detect the model correctly. I need to manually select 991 model. Will need to see how it works on reset the oil change and brake light when it’s due.


Good Review 2: Foxwell NT510 elite for Porsche scan tool will work with a 2007 Porsche 911 997.1 and reset service now indicator.


Good Review 3:

Will reset oil change service reminders on a 2013 Cayenne Diesel 958.


Good Review 4:

NT510 elite will reset “Oil level above Maximum” warning on 2012 Cayenne.


Good review 5:

The foxwell nt510 elite will work on 2018 cayman gts, this scanner is a full system diagnostic scanner.


Good review 6:

foxwell nt510 elite can reset check engine light after changing fuel cap (if that was your problem) on my 2006 porsche cayman s.


Good review 7:

Can diagnose abs psm speed sensor traction failure in 2011 Porsche Cayenne.


Foxwell NT510 Elite Porsche scanner Failure list:

So far so good, recognized my vehicle and played around a bit. Having trouble generating regen on DPF system by have not done enough research to see why getting error. Some sites stating vehicle must be reading error to be able to progress.


Actually, Foxwell NT510 Elite can access to almost all Porsche car models, please search your models here:

Please enter car, product, vehicle, system name to search.


Model list:

Cayenne(9PA up to MY 2010)


Boxster (987)




Carrera GT




Cayenne(92A from MY 2011)


Boxster / Cayman (981)


Foxwell NT510 Elite Porsche Scanner Reviews + Function List



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Foxwell NT510 Elite Porsche Scanner Reviews + Function List