Foxwell NT510 Elite / NT530 Honda Odyssey 2005 – 2010 reviews & FAQs

Collections of Foxwell NT510 Elite / NT530 Honda Odyssey 2005 – 2010 scanner reviews on what works, how to work, frequently asked questions and answers.

Part 1: Foxwell NT510 Elite Honda review

Being a bit of a knuckle head, I finally figured out how to add more vehicles to my Foxwell NT510 Elite.
Mine came with Honda preloaded.

Somehow was thinking it’s all done through the foxwell assist program on your computer, which is partly right.
you have to create an account with
Then go here and buy the software for the make of car you want.


With the scanner plugged into your computer via USB, select the Update option on the main screen, then on your computer, go back into your foxwell assist program signed in with your account, go to downloads and refresh, and you should see your purchased software for the additional vehicles.
select it and download, it will update the scanner with the new vehicle.

not overly complicated or straight forward either.

hope this helps someone.

Foxwell NT510 Elite / NT530 Honda Odyssey 2005 - 2010 reviews & FAQs

Part 2: Foxwell NT530 / NT520/ NT510 Honda Odyssey 2005 – 2010 review

I have the Foxwell NT510. Here’s a couple things I can think of off the top of my head:

  1. Resetting specific maintenance reminders. It has reminders for oil, ATF, a couple others things. If you reset without a tool, it resets all of them (which makes them all useless except for oil). If you reset with the tool, you can pick which one to reset.
  2. Testing sensors and motors. With the scanner, you can tell it to do things like engage the AC clutch, or open/close the automatic sliding door. It’s great for troubleshooting.


Question: Do you happen to know where the option is for testing the AC clutch? I have. A 14 odyssey and an NT510 and can’t seem to find it.

Reply: It’s with all the engine stuff under: 2 Control Unit -> 1 PGM FI -> 1 PGM FI -> 8 INSPECTION -> 5 A/C CLUTCH


Question: I paid for an NT510 through but they sent me an NT530. Did I get ripped off?

Reply: Consider yourself fortunate. That’s 2 models newer than the 510.

The NT510 was replaced with the NT520, which has just recently been replaced with the foxwell NT530.

Foxwell NT510 Elite / NT530 Honda Odyssey 2005 - 2010 reviews & FAQs


My birthday is coming soon and I need to see a reason to get the NT510…I currently have a cheap obd2 that has cover a few issues in the pass, but the NT-510 looks like a great tool. One of the reason I have read is the throttle body calibration.

Reply: I have the Foxwell NT510 and it’s a great device, but if you’re going to buy it new, you may as well get the NT530, unless you’re going for the old model because of the cost.

Make sure you buy from a reputable source. It normally sells for around $179 direct from Foxwell. As said, there are newer models now (520, 530).


Question: I believe and help me out if I’m wrong. But both could basically have the same features only difference looks like the nt530 you can buy extra car’s brand that are not available for the nt520 or nt510… We owned two brands…Mazda and Honda.

Answer: finding it hard to find the differences between the three, wonder if the higher models have faster processors.

The 510 is a slow dog, not sure if its the pcm that causes it to be slow or its 25Mhz processor, but when it says quick scan, just run it walk away crack open a beer or any other tasty beverage, drink it, go back and you’ll have your scan results.


Question: Do the NT530 softwares are more expensive than the NT510?…some places I see it $60 some $70 some $80…

Reply: for the 510 its 60USD per vehicle from
I only see whats available for my device not others.

I find their site well managed and everything is associated to the SN of the device.
wonder what happens if your device fails, can you transfer the vehicles / licensing to a replacement device.
most likely need to open a support ticket for that one.

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Foxwell NT510 Elite / NT530 Honda Odyssey 2005 - 2010 reviews & FAQs