Does Foxwell NT510 Elite support Fiat DOBLO 04/2010

With Foxwell NT510 Elite, how to access to 04/2010 Fiat DOBLO 1.6 JTD S/N 263AXD1B02B.

Car model and year:

04/2010 Fiat DOBLO 1.6 JTD S/N 263AXD1B02B



Foxwell NT510 Elite with Fiat software added



The Fiat software has no “04/2010 Fiat DOBLO” option but only the following options:

11 DOBLO (119)
12 DOBLO (152)
13 DOBLO (263)
14 DOBLO Cargo (223)

Foxwell NT510 Elite doesn’t support this car or I operated incorrectly?


Foxwell chief engineer replied:

For NT510, please go in this path: FIAT–2012-2014 500–DB-Doblo–2008


Please visit:

Select: Fiat – NT510Elite – Doblo – 2008 – system name. Then click on “Search” for Foxwell NT510 Elite Fiat DOBLO 2008 function list

Foxwell Nt510 Elite Fiat Doblo 2008 Function List



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