Foxwell NT510 code injectors on Toyota & jeep wrangler 2008

I have 2008 toyota landcruiser 4.5l v8 turbo diesel and a jeep wrangler 2008 2.8l turbo diesel, I just want to be able to hook up to car and check for faults and possibly check things such as code injectors etc but mainly to keep in the car when remote and check and clear codes and faults.
I’m looking to purchase a scanner for my home user, and wondered if Foxwell NT301 or Foxwell NT500 was working.
In contrast, they are not, the experienced technician advised: “For home use, recommend the Foxwell NT510, NT500 is not available any more, NT510 will do the same function. NT301 only support Engine code read and clear, but NT510 will do full system diagnosis and carry one car brand for free which is suitable for home use.”

Finally I bought one Foxwell NT510 for $155 free shipping, shipping took 5 working days.

It arrived me in a good packed condition, in the case Foxwell NT510 is a plug-and-play scanner with a OBD cable, and a USB cable, a SD card reader.


Firstly register a Foxwell scanner at the offical site and download Toyota software firstly. Then paid another $60 for jeep wrangler software.
It took me some minutes to do, anyway all works fine by following the user manual.

Next is to test.
1. Check the engine fault code, on the screen menu, select “Read codes”, after that “ Erase codes“. I can access to full systems, not only one or four systems.


2. Code injectors with Foxwell NT510
Just did mine with it, very easy and intuitive to use as it guides you through the process. It has access to the TCU and TCU parameters yes.

Tip for sharing: firstly, I’m inputting the two 3 digit codes and either the DME or the tool won’t save the changes. Finally I re-entered all 6 digits together no spaces – works great, and I found the reason I failed was the DME separates the 6 digits code for the injector into two 3 digit pairs automatically.

nt510-multi-system-scanner-manual_en_v1-02 foxwell-NT510-retract-E-brake-pads-4

So far, Foxwell NT510 code injectors perfectly.
Reading these tips on coding injectors, they are very instructive:

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