Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner review for coding, reset etc (from a 2-years user)

When I bought the Foxwell NT510 (2 years ago), out of the box, some functions were not fully implemented. Like most tech stuffs, you had to update the software and the datafile in order to access to all functions. There are regular updates and added functions over time.

The NT510 can code some module, reset adaptation, calibrate and activate modules. It is not to the level on INPA but it can do much more than Carly for diagnostic and maintenance of my cars.

In this thread, you mention the NT510 cannot code and that you may have bricked a module. Did it just did it just by scanning for a fault code?
If it is the FRM, it is not a surprising. BMW has extended the warranty on the FRM because it can fail just by just scanning it.

Here is a review by someone else in another forum:
e 9 0 p o s t . c o m /forums/showpost.php?p=20324057&postcount=20
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Here is a Carly review:



Foxwell NT510 on BMW E90 VS Carly App in terms of diagnostics

Foxwell NT520 BMW E90 diagnostic & coding reviews

PS: Foxwell NT520 = Foxwell NT510 in BMW functions and coverage

Believe this review and interested in Foxwell NT520 BMW scanner?

Here a good source:

Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner with Pre-installed BMW Software

10.01 on sale

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