Foxwell NT510 BMW Pros & Cons – does 80% of factory systems can do

I initially bought Foxwell NT510 scanner for BMW only, hook it up to the BMW car OBD II port and very impressive with its service and maintenance performance.


Pros: As a professional technician, I will say Foxwell NT510 scanner tool can do roughly 80% of what our factory systems are capable of doing. For the price, it’s impressive. All the important service functions are there i.e coding, abs bleeding, battery register, DPF, injector correction and so on.

Cons: Here is what I don’t like, and maybe someone can respond if this has also happened to them. I have the BMW program installed. The only way to read any codes is to do the auto scan, which can take several minutes if you’re working on a late model car with 20 or 30 control units. It will give you the option to instead go into specific control units, but what you select ‘read codes’, a warning pops up that it is about to erase the codes and asks if you want to continue. If you select continue, it erases the codes without even displaying them or telling you what they are. So again, you have to do the complete auto scan and then read all the codes, you can’t read codes for a specific control module only.

This is a Chinese company, and sometimes words and acronyms are ‘lost in translation”.

Overall, it’s not a bad product.

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