Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner on SKODA Review

This review on Foxwell NT500 VAG scanner will unravel slowly because:
1) I’m very busy
2) It’s cold as sh*t out here in Canada

foxwell-nt500-package foxwell-nt500-port-1 foxwell-nt500-port-2
First, i am very sorry for i took these photos at night, so that it’s not with high definition as you wish.

As you can see above, the scanner comes with the following items:
VAG NT500 scan tool
– User’s guide
– Memory card
– USB cable
– Diagnostic cable
– Nylon carry pouch

I purchased this item for a couple of reasons:
1) I an old SKODA and it has quite some miles on the ODO (nearly 14K now). I wanted to be able to diagnose any potential issues on the fly and do as many DIY fixes myself as possible.

nt500-reset-service-liaght (1)

2) The price point for NT500 was just right. US$169 is ok price for me
3) My wife prepare to buy AUDI Q7 2015. This item might help Q7 also in the future.

To begin with, I go through the basic functions. Below is the start-up screen as soon as the device is plugged into the OBDII port (The unit will power-up as soon as it’s plugged in). It gives you four options;
2) VAG
3) Settings
4) Playback
The device is easy to use (plug and play) and set-up is pretty self explanatory. i cycle through the scanner using the arrow buttons and enter/back buttons.

nt500-reset-service-liaght (2)

Then try Foxwell NT500 on my car for service light reset
In the Application interface, press on the Enter button to load data
Go to SKODA diagnosis

nt500-reset-service-liaght (3)

Choose system

nt500-reset-service-liaght (4)

–> control unit

nt500-reset-service-liaght (5)

–> common

nt500-reset-service-liaght (6)

–> 17- instrument

nt500-reset-service-liaght (7)

Then the device will be communicating with the car
–> 8 adaption

nt500-reset-service-liaght (8)

–> go to input the channel number: 02, and then save and continue

nt500-reset-service-liaght (9)

nt500-reset-service-liaght (10)
–> go to set new value: 000 and save

nt500-reset-service-liaght (11)


nt500-reset-service-liaght (13)

–> confirm to set new value 0

nt500-reset-service-liaght (14) (1)


nt500-reset-service-liaght (14)

Skoda service light reset successfully.

nt500-reset-service-liaght (15)

If you’re a home mechanic, it’s is seriously worth of your purchase, like me, you need access to your VAG car’s ECU but don’t want to spend the 250 needed for VCDS or have the need to code in new equipment. It’s straight forward and easy to operate, accessing all modules of VAG cars and clearing all faults while resetting all service indicators too.

The instructions are clear to follow with pictures for every step. Updating the software is easy too, especially if using a laptop with an SD card reader as you plug the tool’s card into your computer, run the software, update, unplug and go.

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