FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics)

NT301 target users: FoxWell NT301 CAN EOBD OBDII code reader is a great engine only EOBD unit for someone new to car diagnostics and wants just a little more functionality than a simple code reader. For those who already have more advanced PC based scan tools or other advanced tools that you do not want to carry all the time with you, especially when away on holiday, then the Foxwell NT301 is an ideal backup tool to keep in the car for emergency use.

NT301 outlook is good made:

FoxWell NT301 unit is reasonably well constructed and should survive the odd knock or two. The screen is clear and the keyboard firm and positive to use. As the keyboard is not of the membrane type then I guess one should keep liquids/fluid away from it.
(Tip: Go to last paragraph for the detailed unit and PCB pictures )
The EOBD connecting lead is of adequate length and well finished with moulded strain reliefs at both ends.

The on-board HELP is very limited but the User Manual is concise and informative so not too much to complain about really.

The three dedicated LEDs (Green – all Ok, Yellow – pending DTCs, Red – firm DTCs – MIL light activate) give a great quick guide as to vehicle EOBD status.

NT301 Update:
The lifetime free software updates are a big bonus. Although a scan tool of this type only focusses/dedicates itself to EOBD diagnostics and regular updating is not required the ability and access to free updates is most welcome.


No show stoppers however on my unit and with the USB lead supplied I found that the hole in the grip surround was just a little to small making the USB connection intermittent. However opening the whole up a little allowed the plug to go fully home.

Case study:

My 14 year faithful old Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.8l 16v suddenly started to lose power and idle erratically and the engine fault light came on. Not knowing much about modern fuel injection systems. I read on the Picasso Owners forum about code readers and bought this one. To cut along story short, it worked !!! The codes showed the EGR valve and the fuel injectors to be the possible causes. The EGR valve was full of hard deposits, easily cleaned though. The fuel injectors will be cleaned or replaced. The car is running quite well now and averages about 38 mpg in the rural area were I live . Motor service outfits where I live charge about £40 to examine the codes logged on a cars computer, goodness knows what a Citroen Agency would charge! The NT301 is well made and sturdy and I had no problems installing the software on my computer.

Where to get FoxWell NT301 code reader
As I have found in the past, support is excellent which is why I have bought several products from them over the past months.

In a conclusion:

Good little scan tool, great support and price acceptable.
FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics)

FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics) FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics) FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics) FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics)


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FoxWell NT301 code reader Feedback (with most Pics)