Foxwell GT80 plus update to GT60 Plus, NT644 Pro to NT680 Pro

Foxwell GT60 Plus is better than GT80 plus (Android version, No extra VCI box, wider and newer vehicle coverage). Foxwell NT680 Pro is better than NT644 Pro ( more advanced hardware, running more stable, more vehicle coverage.)

1. Foxwell GT80 Plus update to foxwell GT60 Plus:
Both are all-makes all-system tablet premier diagnostic tool
GT60 Plus comes with no VCI, GT80 Mini has VCI.
GT60 Plus is Android system, GT80 Mini is windows system.

1). Windows tablet GT80 Plus / GT80 Mini stopped production and upgraded to Android tablet GT60 Plus /GT60;
2). Foxwell engineers develop a new Windows version APP for the company’s new code, so that the GT80 MINI can continue to be upgraded;
3). Provide more than 3 years of continuous upgrade service for the sold products;
4).The sold machine enjoys the normal 2-year warranty and return service.

Image 1: foxwell GT80 Plus update to foxwell GT60 Plus


Image 2: foxwell gt80 Mini update to foxwell GT60

2. Foxwell NT644 Pro update to foxwell nt680 pro

Foxwell NT644 Pro: OBDII + all car brands (the vehicle coverage is attached after this table) + all-system basic diagnostic function + 11 special functions (EPB/ABS/SRS/DPF/SAS/TMPS/Injector/SAS/Oil Reset+TBA/TPS+BRT)

NT644 Pro VS Foxwell GT60:
NT644 Pro is one handheld OBD2 scanner, GT60 is one Android tablet diagnostic tool.

NT680 Pro is better than NT644 Pro at:
More advanced hardware
NT680 Pro is more stable than NT644 Pro, and has wide & newer vehicle coverage.


-> For the coverage, click the above links for details.

-> For the update of 3rd generation devices (GT80 plus, GT80 Mini, NT644 Pro, NT644), the official site claim yes, they will have newer update for free.

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