Foxwell GT80 multi-system scanner Test Report, Review & FAQ

Topic: Foxwell GT80 Test Report on what can work and can’t work, reviews/experience and FAQ.

Foxwell GT80 multi-system scanner Test Report, Review & FAQ

Foxwell GT80 Test Report:

1998 jeep wrangler OK

2015 glk 250 OK

2015 charger and 2013 eclipse

Benz e320 4matic 2000 chasy reset SRS OK

Ford EU (IMV adaptation, FIP adaptation…..) OK

Can code and program control modules: OK

Works on Automatic gearbox: Ok

Airbag reset including reading seatbelt and resetting of the code for them: OK

Support battery replacement: Yes

Can connect to the car via Bluetooth

No countries limitation

I received my order the GT80 love it works great.

Support program keys, but depend on the car model and year.

Support sensor test.

More to be updated……



What doesn’t work:

Cannot work with Asian dump truck and heavy equipment


Foxwell GT80 Reviews:

  1. Very pleased with the scanner, works brilliantly and updated fine. A++


  1. Excellent tool.

I look after and maintain a number of different vehicles, and got tired of having to use and maintain different diagnostic tools for each model.

After much research I settled on the GT 80, and I am really pleased. Does what it says, and model support is extensive.

Only thing I have an issue with is early model Range Rovers, as coverage is limited, but will still read and reset engine codes.

Also, as the GT80 is essentially just a windows tablet, I am running the specialist Range Rover tools on there as well, so still makes life easier.

Very pleased with my investment.


Foxwell GT80 FAQ:

Q: How to identify if the Foxwell GT80 is genuine or knock off?

A: Please check if the shop you are interested in is authorized dealer. The authorized dealers I know are, and the Amazon dealer etc. Among these dealers, is much cheaper.


Q: This unit appears solid and boast most features needed in a medium to ultra diagnostic tool…Tell me after the 3 years expiration, what will update cost/year be? Also is the GT80 WiFi capable?

A: The update for GT80 would be 500USD after 3 years. And it can be updated online by one -click which saves a lot of time.


Q: What are the warranty on this device?

A:  The warranty is one year.


Q: Is the GT80 WiFi capable?

A: Yes.


Q: I am planning to request 1 piece of GT80.Is GT80 for global version or for Chinese market only?…. I mean these device can be valid for middle east and gulf area Car or not?

A: GT80 is Global version. It can do middle east car.


Q: What do you mean that it doesn’t come with battery do you mean it needs always external power supply?

A:. GT80 main unit is not equipped with internal battery, that means you can get power from car when you hook it up to the vehicle. No need external power supply.


Q: Do these GT80 scanners use standard 15-pin male/female data cable or is it unique cable? I mean by standard cable is that the cable is same pin to pin connected between the male connector and female connector 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc…

A: GT80 use standard 16pin cable.


Q: How to reset the GT80 language? After reset if the files will be reset successfully?

A: Yes, provide your GT80 serial number to the seller and their engineer will help reset the language, meanwhile the files are the language you want.


To be continued……



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Foxwell GT80 multi-system scanner Test Report, Review & FAQ