Foxwell GT80 mini scanner user manual, function list, comparison, feedback

Post includes Foxwell GT80 mini scanner user manual, register and update, vehicle list / function list, comparison table among Foxwell GT80 mini, Foxwell GT80 Plus and Foxwell GT80.

Foxwell GT80 mini test report etc.


Foxwell GT80 mini scanner user manual:


How to register and update foxwell GT80 MINI?

Update! Foxwell GT80 update free for 3 years now, and other Foxwell tools update free lifetime.


Foxwell GT80 mini scanner vehicle list / function list:!RFYx3QDK!hNrYiMldBuW9ptGSjL_fiH1PF8hZ4DNPY-2P4ByVPeE

foxwell gt80 mini on Asian cars

foxwell gt80 mini DPF function list

foxwell gt80 mini Europe vehicle list

foxwell gt80 mini on Chrysler ford

foxwell-gt80-mini-on-Asian-cars-01 foxwell-gt80-mini-dpf-function-list-02 foxwell-gt80-mini-europen-vehicle-list-03


Foxwell GT80 mini price: $1,169, Foxwell GT80 Plus: $1,659 (one NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool as gift) , Foxwell GT80: $1,139

What are the similarities and differences between Foxwell GT80 mini and Foxwell GT80 Plus?

Here a comparison table on their basic information


Foxwell GT80 mini test report / feedback:

a 1998 jeep wrangler Ok
2015 GLK 250 OK

2005 Porsche Cayenne OK
SEAT 2014 OK
2007 Mercedes S550 speed limit increase OK
2016 Lexus is350 OK

Ford focus 2013 OK

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